3 Best Way to Start a Meeting

You want your audience to pay attention throughout the meeting that you are putting on, and you need to figure out how to get them interested in what you are sharing. You need to know how to start the meeting so that you draw everyone in and get them to pay attention to you. If you are going to be leading a meeting, you need to know the best way to get things going so that everyone will have their attention on you and be willing to listen to all that you share.

1. Start the Meeting by Telling a Relevant Story

If you are going to be addressing your staff about the new cafeteria food that you now have available at your business, you might start the meeting by sharing where the cook got some of their recipes. If you are going to address your staff about the fact that things have been a little too noisy in the office as of late, you might start the meeting with a story of your father and how he liked his home to be quiet. If you start the meeting by sharing a story of some kind, you get your audience to listen to you because they want to hear how the story ends and how it relates to them. You should think up a story that fits with the subject matter that you are hoping to discuss in the meeting.

2. Start the Meeting by Asking Everyone to Share a Bit About Themselves

If you are holding a meeting and you have pulled a group of people together who do not really know one another very well, you might start the meeting by getting everyone to share about their lives. You could have specific questions that you ask everyone to answer, one by one. You might ask everyone to tell a short story from their life. You can get people interested in the meeting by allowing them to talk about their own lives and by letting them get to know those who are attending the meeting with them.

3. Start the Meeting with Questions from Your Audience

If you feel that there are going to be a number of people in attendance at the meeting who do not really know what is going on or why the meeting was called, you might allow everyone to ask questions before you get the meeting started. If you are meeting with people who do not know you very well, you might let them ask personal questions, as well. If you have recently been named the leader of a certain group and now you are leading a meeting for the, you might let the audience address you and ask you all of the questions that have been on their minds. You will get everyone involved if you start the meeting with questions.

Focus on your audience all throughout the meeting. Talk in a way that will keep everyone interested in what you are sharing.